Pastor Doug Batchelor

Don’t be fooled! Believing myths can have deadly consequences.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss this thrilling, eye-opening series that uncovers the outright myths and deceptions invading Christianity today—and how it is transforming and twisting the message of Jesus and the Bible.
Presented by author and speaker Scott Ritsema, The 7 Deadly Myths in Christianity is an insightful, life-changing, and unique ten-part series that boldly addresses the importance of knowing the truth in our times, the perils of moral relativism, the nature of God’s character, and how the final battle between good and evil will soon lead the world to Armageddon.
Scott Ritsema


"My friend, Scott Ritsema, is a dynamic and inspiring speaker. His amazing Media on the Brain docuseries powerfully warns of the dangers of today’s entertainment media and its addictive and persuasive power on the mind. So you’ll love his bold yet winsome delivery, which makes understanding the Bible easy for everyone."
—Pastor Doug Batchelor, president

Are you tired of the inconsistent, confusing messages found in Christianity?

Are you disappointed by all the hypocrisy in religion?

The Beast, The Dragon, and the Woman
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  1. Cast Truth to the Ground
  2. Unmasking the Deadly Deceiver
  3. Alive While Dead? Part 1: The First Myth
  4. Alive While Dead? Part 2: Eternal Life for Everybody?
  5. Lawless 'Christianity' Part 1
  6. Lawless 'Christianity' Part 2
  7. Mark of the Beast Myths, Part 1
  8. Mark of the Beast Myths, Part 2
  9. Myths about the Last Days
  10. Arise, Kill, and Eat?
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